Org-mode Hidden Gems - 03 Hyperlinks

Previously I seldom used anything other than URLs, and this chapter taught me more on Internal Link. Several things are summarized in the video:

  • Use # to locate heading with same CUSTOM_ID
  • Plain text link [[textlink]] will follow below priority:
    1. Dedicated target (double angular brackets)
    2. Org element (table, list, etc w/ #+NAME)
    3. Heading with exact same text
  • Radio Target (triple angular brackets): automatic links

I find Radio Target most interesting. You may wish to check out Rainer K├Ânig’s use case.

Link abbreviation allows user to relate linkword to replacement text, which saves much typing/copy-pasting. A video is worth a thousand words.

I maintain a list of nice restaurants I’ve been to, and previously I’d manually copy link from OpenRice, a local restaurant directory website. Now that I created a linkword for it, I could just type openrice:La Vache!. Neat!

Org-mode Hidden Gems series: